Tiffany has always had a love for art, starting at a young age designing her own checkbooks, drawing illustrations of animals (her specialty being giraffes) and creating handmade activity packets whenever her brother was stuck at home sick. It was only natural for her to pursue a career in design.

She now holds over 13 years of experience from a combination of professional creative agency, book publishing house, newspaper publication and in-house design experiences. The principal of design agency, Murray Brand Communications noted her as being "a buttoned up professional who is approachable, intelligent, has a strong work ethic and is fun to work with. She has been a strong contributor in all phases of the job and has made Murray Brand Communications a better company." Tiffany is always ready & willing to roll up her sleeves to dig into the next project (be it big or small) that's on the horizon.

When Tiffany isn't in design-mode, she can be found carving the slopes in Tahoe, hiking the California coastline, brunching in her much loved city of San Francisco, or volunteering for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.